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This project is dedicated to building a "Synthetic Human" which is called Karen (for now) for which we have assigned the female gender pronoun of "She". She has visual face recognition (opencv/opencv), speech transcription (mozilla/deepspeech), and speech synthesis (festival). Karen is written in Python and is targeted primarily at the single board computer (SBC) platforms like the Raspberry Pi.

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Quick Install

Karen is available through pip, but to use the built-in devices there are a few extra libraries you may require. Please visit the Basic Install page for more details. To get started try:

sudo apt-get install \
  festival \
  festvox-us-slt-hts  \
  libfann2 \
  python3-fann2 \
  libportaudio2 \
pip3 install karen

Once installed you can create a new instance of Karen using a configuration file with the following:

import karen

NOTE: Use model_type="tflite" if running on the Raspberry Pi.

If everything is working properly you should be able to point your device to the web control panel to test it out. The default URL is:


Control Panel

Demo running on Raspberry Pi

Project Karen