Calling the start() method

There are lots of ways to leverage karen. You can import the device modules like listener and use on its own or you can start the entire process. There is a basic configuration file located in the data directory inside the karen module directory (/path/to/karen/data/basic_config.json).

To run Karen in the entirety:

import karen

If you omit the configuration file then Karen will start with the basic configuration example.

NOTICE - Karen is under development against Python 3. She is not compatible with Python 2 so be sure to use pip3 or python3 if appropriate (and install the related binaries if needed).


Static method to start a new instance of karen based on a provided configuration file.

  • configFile (str) – Path and Name of the JSON configuration file.

  • log_level (str) – The level of logging to provide (critical, error, warning, info, and debug). )ptional)

  • log_file (str) – Path and Name of the log file to create (otherwise prints all messages to stderr). (optional)